API Integration

Power your favourite CRM with Orion.

Connect with our automation API

Submit emails, messages, tickets, chats ... to Orion whenever you want an automated action to take place. You control when to call the API from within your CRM application.

Integrate with our suggestion API

When you want your customer service agents to receive answer suggestions from Orion, just give him an API call. Your agent is in control whether or not to use the suggested answer.

The artificial intelligence engine - our secret sauce

Orion is powered by an artificial intelligence model trained specifically on your historic customer question. This way Orion can truly understand what a question is about.


Can I use my existing templates?

With our API interface you have complete freedom whether to store templates in your application or with Orion.

What API technology do you use?

We have a REST based API interface. You'll be set up in moments.

What about languages?

We support English, Dutch, French and German out-of-the-box. We have additional language extensions for Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.

How do I get started?

We take care of training the AI model with the proper data and initial configuration. At that point the API becomes available for integration.

Can you help me drafting a business case?

For sure! We're with you all the way. We have the industry experience to estimate your operational gains. Average ROI for Orion is roughly 1.2 year!

Want to see how this works in practice?

Check out our videos in the Orion Academy. Entirely free!