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Automate high-volume low-complexity questions
using artificial intelligence.

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Does you customer service use a shared or functional mailbox in Outlook on Exchange? We've got you covered!
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Is your organsisation relying on the Zendesk Support CRM in the cloud? The Orion plugin for Zendesk is available for you.
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Whether you use Salesforce Lightning or Classic, the Orion plugin has your back.
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Genesys Cloud

We're proud to be a technology partner of Genesys. Orion powers e-mail interactions in Genesys Cloud.
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... more CRMs ...

No worries if your CRM is not listed here. Discover which integrations are being developed.
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Data security is of the highest importance to us

Orion is the first Belgian organisation to have implemented the Privacy Information Management System ISO/IEC 27701:2019. Information handled by Orion is protected by the highest industry standards, as certified both for quality and information security through ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013. Read more


Is your customer service
phone channel under pressure?

Start turning things around with AskOrion!
Handle inbound calls automatically and
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Contact Form Assistant

What if you could answer your customer's questions from the moment they start typing ?

Orion's channels!

Apply automation to a variety of customer channels.
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Contact forms
CRM tickets / cases

How it works

Tailor-made AI

Orion offers customer service automation actions based on an artificial intelligence (AI) model built specifically for your organisation. This is where we make the difference in achievable automation percentage.

High-volume low-complexity questions

Orion´s strong suit is automating those frequently occurring questions that can be answered with a single qualitative response.

Assisting customer service agents

We strongly believe in AI working in cooperation with humans. Customer service agents have a key role in answering complex and delicate questions that are not suited for an AI.

Orion features


Customer questions are automatically routed to the correct department.

Auto answering

Only when very certain about the answer, Orion can handle customer questions on his own.


Whenever multiple answers are possible. Orion provides your customer with a top 3.

Template suggestion

Orion suggests the most appropriate answer templates to your agents.

Value extraction

ID's, order numbers, ... are extracted. ERP information is included in the answer.

Genesys technology partner

Orion is a technology partner of one of the leading customer contact center solutions. We're proudly powering advanced automatic e-mail answering and insights within Genesys Cloud.

Want to see how this works in practice?

Check out our videos in the Orion Academy. Don 't worry: it's free!

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