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Thanks to Orion Intelligence we could free up 2 FTE and assign them to handle complex customer questions.

Stijn Colmonts - Customer Care Manager at Ahold Delhaize

Orion Intelligence is a thrustworthy party that we love to work together with.

Nico Hernalsteen - Customer Relations Manager at Eneco

Fast response and extremely supportive team. They made sure everything was thoroughly explained and even called us up with extra information. Very friendly!

Kevin Thiry - Product Owner at Xerius

Orion is an intelligent and innovative product.

A few years ago we started out small with an integrated solution for our email templates within Outlook. Today, we've simply extended Orion's intelligence to our Service Management Platform and to contact forms on our website. Wondering what else will come.

The team behind Orion really understands our business.

The combination of this understanding, a result driven attitude and a can-do mentality makes them a valuable and trustworthy partner we like to work with.

Jean Franck - Program Manager Digital Innovation Payroll Services at Acerta

Today's customer service challenges

The problems we try to solve at Orion Intelligence

Shortage of customer service agents

Many organizations face difficulties in finding and keeping agents to staff their customer service.

Increased questions from customers

Customers are more demanding than ever and ask more questions.

Keeping up with expectations

Customers expect a swift response on their questions.
Negative experiences affect churn!


Orion leverages sector based
artificial intelligence.

Customers ask very similar questions to customer services within the same sector or industry.

Knowing that, the use of data across an entire sector enables levels of automation that transcend automation levels that an individual organization can achieve.


E-commerce & logistics

Payroll & healthcare service


Power your existing tools
with Orion


Automating 23,8% of customer service questions
across all industries

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