Discover the Orion
contact-form assistant

What if you could answer your customers questions the moment they are typing it?

Avoid easy questions

Many customers don't take the time to browse your site in detail. As a consequence they submit questions that take precious time away from your service agents.

Increase customer satisfaction

Your customers will be delighted having their answer on the spot, with no need to await customer service.

Gain insights and improve

Orion gathers detailed statistics on the subject type of various questions. With those insights you'll be able to iteratively create on the spot answers.

No extra channels needed

The contact-form is not a chatbot. It's an add-on on top of you existing form. If Orion has nothing to suggest it will not display.


How it works: a custom built AI model for each Orion client

The basis of the contact-form assistant is the ability to recognise customer questions with great precision. Everything else follows from that.

Custom AI models

What sets us apart is that we provide a tailor-made recognition model for each of our client organisations. This is how we are able to achieve the higher levels of recognition and are able to automate more.


Lingering questions you might have...

Is it a chatbot?

The contact-form assistant is no chatbot, as customer you don't engage in a conversation. Instead, customers phrase the question like they normally would. This has the distinct advantage that no extra channels need to be introduced.

How do you integrate the assistant?

The integration is a simple script that can be included on your website. All configuration happens in the Orion backend.

What languages do you support?

We support English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish out-of-the-box.

Can you customise the look-and-feel?

We got you covered! You can configure a matching color, icon and texts so it fits perfectly in your site.

What if we only have an e-mail address but no contact-form?

No issue, we also have a contact-form widget you can add in a similar fashion that includes the assistant. This will then forward to the e-mail address you configure.

For the techies out there

In order to come to our best-of-breed AI toolbox we use technologies and libraries such as Tensorflow, Keras, Stanford NLP, Transformers, Apache OpenNLP, scikit-learn and PyTorch.