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Fast response and extremely supportive team. They made sure everything was thoroughly explained and even called us up with extra information. Very friendly!

Works way better than expected 😝

The project was patiently built up, the team takes into account that not everybody is a computer wizard.

Kevin Thiry - Product Owner at Xerius

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Is your customer service
phone channel under pressure?

Start turning things around with AskOrion
Handle inbound calls automatically and
improve customer experience.


Use cases

Typical scenarios in which to use the AskOrion voicebot

Outside of opening hours

Respond and capture customer questions 24/7.


Let AskOrion determine where calls should go. Send calls to the proper teams & skills.

Reduce missed calls

Make sure all calls are captured and available in your CRM system.


Optimize workforce planning and call customers back when you have capacity.

Junior agents training

Informed callback enables junior agents to learn the job in a safe way.

IVR elimination

Let go of those rigid IVR flows and replace them with an open "what is your question about?"


The customer journey

What is the AskOrion flow?

Inbound call from a customer

Orion welcomes the customer and asks them to summarize their question.

Question interpretation

The question is analyzed in real-time by the Orion AI.

Automated answers

Easy questions get answered automatically by Orion.
The customer can end the call at that point, if the answer is satisfactory.

Complex questions

For complex questions, Orion will gather additional information from the customer and store that info in directly in your CRM system.

Callback / handover

Orion informs the customer that an agent will call back at a later time. Alternatively, the call can immediately be handed over to an agent.
In either case, the agent has the information that was previously supplied readily available.

Save precious agent time with AskOrion

Depending on the type of question, Orion collects customer identifiers and gathers additional info.
Save valuable agent time on all those tasks.

Callback or handover?

At Orion, we're firm believers of a callback approach for the majority of inbound calls.
Here's why.

Workforce planning

When the majority of your inbound calls are turned into outbound actions, this simplifies the amount of planning and staffing. When an outbound action is completed, agents can directly proceed to the preparation of the next one.

The busiest moment of the day in terms of inbound calls no longer directly determines the number of agents needed.

Increased customer satisfaction

With AskOrion followed by callback, customers are no longer in the waiting line to speak to an operator. Increased waiting times drive down customer satisfaction. Instead, customers can just continue with their day.

When the customer is called back at a later time, the answer has already been prepared in advance by an agent. Time on the phone is reduced because of this preparation. The customer experiences a well-organized process.

Employee satisfaction

Operators can prepare the customer question in detail before starting the outbound call. This reduces the stress they have to handle before and during each call.

In addition, junior agents can consult team leads and managers for specific details, allowing for a more efficient learning path.

Live handover remains very relevant for high-priority requests and to prevent escalation.

What are the AskOrion installation steps?

First of all, AskOrion is a fully managed stand-alone cloud voice solution.
There is no telephony integration needed.

Step 1: your phone number

We provide dedicated AskOrion phone numbers for each language your organisation wants to offer.

Step 2: connect with CRM

We connect the CRM of your choice to AskOrion From that moment on, information is automatically inserted in real-time in the CRM.

Step 3: callback or handover

For questions that remain unanswered, choose whether you want a callback or handover approach at the end of the call.

All done, you are now ready to receive calls!

Connect AskOrion to your CRMs, support systems or custom IT applications.

A master of languages

We currently support 22 languages out-of-the-box! Click here for the full list.