Q&A: Our new product AskOrion!

Q&A: Our new product AskOrion!

What is it?

AskOrion! is a cloud-based voice solution to help further automate your customer service without losing sight of customer or service employee happiness. No telephony integration is needed: simply connect it to your phone number and CRM-system

How does it work?

Whenever you get a phone call from a customer, Orion automatically welcomes them and asks them to summarize their question. Our AI can recognize singular and frequently asked questions in a heartbeat. Orion will answer these immediately, using preconfigured answers or dynamic responses powered by your ERP. 

More often than not, the client ẃill not require any further attention. Whenever the question seems more complex, AskOrion! will gather the data necessary for a smooth handover to one of your agents. That way, they can focus on more stimulating and less repetitive tasks. The agent can also call the customer back without the lather growing frustrated from waiting by the telephone.

What’s in it for you?

Customers will have a better experience when their call is answered immediately, instead of being put on hold. Knowing they will be called back by an agent when necessary, the customer will have more trust in finding a solution. That way, your company will gain a solid reputation.

Even in times when chatbots are readily available, customers (and companies) are growing increasingly frustrated with the time it takes to get a solid answer from one. The phone channel is not dead, since people still call up customer service whenever they grow tired of being left by their own devices. AskOrion! can still deflect a lot of questions to the self-service portal, but in a way that feels more personal and reassuring, since there is still an option to talk to a human agent whenever necessary. 

Why choose our product?

AskOrion! is not only available in English and Dutch. We currently have 49 languages to offer, but we’re always open to suggestions. 

Furthermore, this application is highly customizable. You can choose a specific set of add-on questions to gather even more information about the customer. Since every team of agents usually has special expertise, conditional handovers to the right person are also possible.