An overview of our different features

Bring your customer service to the next level with Orion.

Understanding your customers by training the AI engine

Orion is powered by an artificial intelligence model trained specifically on your historic customer questions. The engine allows Orion to truly understand what your customers are talking about.

All incoming questions are analysed by Orion

Orion routes questions to the proper assignee.
He applies labels or tags, can add priorities and custom fields. He is even capable of extracting important data such as VAT number, bankaccount, customer and file numbers,...

Automatic handling of high-volume low-complexity questions

When Orion is very certain, he answers automatically, using the configured template for that type of question. On average 5% of all questions can automatically be handled.

Deflecting towards self-help articles

Orion answers with top 3 most relevant answers. Your existing FAQ articles can be used as answer content. Your customer can always indicate to pass the question on to a service agent. On average 50% of questions can be deflected.

Assisting your agents with the most relevant answer templates

When agents are answering questions, Orion is right at their side suggesting the most relevant answer template. The templates are easily searchable and help speeding up average handling times (AHT). This comes in handy when you already have lots of answer templates. On average a 'top 3' proposed template is selected by your business experts in 68% of all cases.

All this starts with us getting to know you.

Contact us, and let's discuss what Orion can do for you.