Orion Artificial Intelligence (AI) - explained

Bring your customer service to the next level with Orion.

The AI model

The AI model allows Orion to understand what your customers are talking about.

Trained using your history of customer questions

Using thousands of questions from the past, Orion is able to construct its question detection model.

Targeted to specific sectors

Orion already has a deep understanding of specific industries, but can be fine-tuned for your business.

Connect Orion ...

... to your CRMs, support systems, websites or custom IT applications. Not listed? There's more to come.


Orion analyzes new customer questions and takes the following actions without human intervention.

Automatically fill out fields

Orion fills in the proper subject, tag, topic, label, category, priority, contact reason or custom field in your CRM.
Fully configurable.

Dispatch to a specific team

The question can be assigned further or forwarded to a specific team, user or queue.

Save time: no more manual dispatching
Reporting consistency

Value Extraction

Orion is capable of finding specific values within communications: order numbers, bank accounts, VAT identifiers, parcel IDs, ....

From unstructured to structured data

Use the extracted values to fill in specific fields in your CRM
or just copy / paste.

Personalized responses

Use extracted values to query information so a personalized answer can be provided to this customer later on.


Provide a single answer to a customer question with high precision.

Use Case: low impact questions

Use auto-answering for questions with low complexity and impact. Orion can answer these questions with a single template.

Password forgotten

Opening hours

Job applications

Very specific processes

Use Case: preparation

Use as first preparation step before handing off to an agent.
Some questions require extra customer info so they can be handled. Use auto-answering to send a list of required information back for the customer to provide, before agent handover.


Provide multiple answers to a larger variety of questions.
Goal is for the customer to resolve the question himself without any agent intervention.

#1: Email deflection

Deflection answers via email after initial question is received.

Concise answers

Orion replies with the top 3 most relevant answers to keep customer experience high.

Redirect to FAQ articles

Can use existing FAQ or knowledge sources

CRM case closed

When the customer visits the content, the CRM is closed automatically a bit later.

What in case of no response?

Passes on to agent if customers decline or ignore answer.

#2: Contact Form Assistant (CFA)

Deflection of answers within your website form (CFA).

Real-time AI

While customer types question

Redirect to FAQ articles

Or use personalised answers


Minimize amount of form submits


Resolve 30% to 55% of questions.
Easy to integrate.

Seasonal effects

Use Orion to effectively deal with expected and unexpected peaks in customer service questions.
Black Friday, holidays, regular sales periods...

Adjust the AI in real-time

You configure Orion to answer automatically on a larger number of questions by temporarily reducing the certainty level.

Gain insight in your data

The Orion backend keeps a detail record of how many questions were submitted in each subject category.

Change answer copy

You can add and modify answer articles in real-time to deal with unexpected peaks.

Manage customer expectation
Avoid long waiting times

Want to see more?

Check out our videos in the Orion Academy. Entirely free!

Template Suggestion

Assist your agents with the most relevant answer templates.

Speed up average handling time (AHT)

The right template is present in the top 3 in 68% of cases.

Improve first time right (FTR)

Reduce back-and-forth emails with your customers.


Find the best macro.
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Introduce templates to Outlook.
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Take advantage of templates.
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Genesys Cloud

Leverage your canned responses.
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Start working with templates.
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Macro suggestion - Zendesk

Orion suggests the most relevant macros to your agents.

Template suggestion - Microsoft Outlook

Orion suggests the most relevant templates to your agents.

Template suggestion - Salesforce

Orion suggests the most relevant templates to your agents.

Template suggestion - Genesys Cloud

Orion suggests the most relevant canned responses to your agents.

Template suggestion - Servicenow

Orion suggests the most relevant templates to your agents.