Reduce the time it takes to handle and reply to every request

some food for thought from our partner Delhaize


Some key figures:

supermarket chain with strong e-commerce ambitions

830stores in Belgium and Luxembourg
24.9%market share

Preparation of cases

Every incoming Salesforce case is checked by Orion, if possible Orion guides the customer to the correct answer

More extended use of the online zone

Instead of letting agents solve the issue for the customer, they are directed to the self-service portal and app whenever possible. This is beneficial to the consumer since they are empowered to tackle minor problems immediately. Customer service agents on their part, don't have to waste time doing repetitive tasks.

An answer within seconds

Customers can get increasingly frustrated while waiting for a rapid solution. Orion replies immediately to any number of people simultaneously. Multitasking without losing speed: no big deal for Orion, but a tremendous help for customers who want help asap.

Prepare the case for the agent

Sometimes the customer has a more complex question that needs some human interference. These issues require extra care from an agent. By letting Orion collect basic information like for example customer number, bankaccount number for refunds,.. agents can quickly cut to the chase. They don't have to waste time before they can start resolving the case.


Fill in reporting fields

Automate repetitive actions to focus on more important tasks: qualitative answers to the customer

Automatically fill out fields

Orion fills in the proper subject, tag, and subtag. This way, you can be sure that the reporting is up to date and that customer service agents don't lose time filling these.

Dispatch to a specific team

Based on a quick analysis, the question is assigned further or forwarded to a specific team, user or queue. No time is lost between departments.

Fully integrated with Salesforce

Available in the Salesforce AppExchange


The artificial intelligence engine - our secret sauce

Delhaize is powered by an artificial intelligence model trained specifically on their historic Salesforce cases. This way, Orion can truly understand what a case is about.


Lingering questions you might have...

How does Orion compare to Salesforce Einstein ?

Salesforce Einstein is a great product, its strong suit is analytics and machine learning on numeric data. Its natural language capabilities are limited, however, lagging a bit behind the current state of technology.

For the techies out there

In order to come to our best-of-breed toolbox, we use technologies and libraries such as Tensorflow, Keras, Stanford NLP, Transformers, Apache OpenNLP, scikit-learn and PyTorch.

What effort is required at my end?

Hardly any. Orion behaves as an agent in your Salesforce. Its suggestions are offered to other agents from within the Orion Salesforce plugin. We take care of training the AI model with the proper data and initial configuration.

What Salesforce versions are supported?

Good news. We support both Salesforce classic UI and Salesforce Lightning.

Can I use all my existing templates?

Orion will consider all available templates in your Salesforce. Templates you use today as well as templates you create in the future are searchable and available.

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