Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Power your favorite CRM with Orion.

Smart personalized answers

Start improving customer satisfaction with automation!


Orion assisting your agents

When agents are answering cases, Orion is right at their side suggesting the most relevant templates.

Template suggestions

The suggested templates are easily searchable and help speeding up average handling times (AHT). This comes in handy when you already have lots of macros.


Orion as first-line

Newly created cases are first handled by Orion. Actions execute automatically when Orion is certain.


Orion routes cases to the proper teams, users or queues.
He applies subjects, type, priority and custom fields.

Auto answering

When Orion is very certain, he answers your customer automatically using the configured template for that type of question.

Case deflection

When multiple answers are possible, Orion answers with top 3 most relevant answers. External knowledge bases can be used as answer content. Your customer can always indicate to pass the case on to a service agent.

The artificial intelligence engine - our secret sauce

Orion is powered by an artificial intelligence model trained specifically on your historic cases in Microsoft Dynamics. This way Orion can truly understand what a case is about.


Can I use all my existing templates?

Orion will consider all active templates in your environment. The templates you use today as well as macros you create in the future are searchable and available. Custom fields will be applied when using the template.

What about languages?

We currently support 22 languages out-of-the-box! Click here for the full list.

What effort is required at my end?

Hardly any. Orion behaves as an agent in your Dynamics 365. Its suggestions are offered to other agents from within the Orion Dynamics 365 add-in. We take care of training the AI model with the proper data and initial configuration.

Can we enrich templates with custom information?

Yes! Orion supports API hooks to retrieve information such as delivery date, amount due, ... from your ERP systems. That information is then substituted in the macro placeholder.

Want to see how this works in practice?

Check out our videos in the Orion Academy. Entirely free!