Losing precious time getting questions to the right teams?



Orion analyzes new customer questions and takes the following actions without human intervention.

Automatically fill out fields

Orion fills in the proper subject, tag, topic, label, category, priority, contact reason or custom field in your CRM.
Fully configurable.

Dispatch to a specific team

The question can be assigned further or forwarded to a specific team, user or queue.

Save time: no more manual dispatching
Reporting consistency

Value Extraction

Orion is capable of finding specific values within communications: order numbers, bank accounts, VAT identifiers, parcel IDs, ....

From unstructured to structured data

Use the extracted values to fill in specific fields in your CRM
or just copy / paste.

Personalized responses

Use extracted values to query information so a personalized answer can be provided to this customer later on.

Connect Routing to your CRMs, support systems or custom IT applications.

A master of languages

We currently support 22 languages out-of-the-box! Click here for the full list.

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